Group Devon 2012


Angoleiros do Mar (ADM) Devon was formed in September 2005 by Trenel Pão and Mestre Marcelo Angola forming the group here in Devon. Two significant classes were solidified in Exeter and Plymouth, forming a base for Capoeira Angola in the South West. We have had visits from various teachers over the last 8 years from the ADM family including CM Gigante, CM Guaxini and of course Mestre Marcelo Angola.

Professors 1st Festivasl do Mar Devon (2007)

We held our first International Festival of Capoeira in the Summer of 2007 with guest teachers from ADM Europe and the help of CM Guaxini. We are also grateful to all of our students in Exeter over the last 8 years (Pequena, Malandra, Cebolinha, Borboleta and more) and all of the fun times we shared prior to the seven year strong classes eventually dissolving due to costs.

…one to three classes every week for seven years without fail in Exeter…

Capoeira Roda @ Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter

The Exeter classes unfortunately stopped in October 2012 due to the costs involved in keeping the class alive. We are sad to see this 7 year strong class disappear but it may start again in the future. If you want to start a new class with one of the ADM Devon teachers please do get in contact.

Angoleiros do Mar continues to have a good presence of students in London, where the group was first founded in the UK and currently a weekly classes with Mestre Marcelo Angola until October. ADM in the UK now also has a group in Oxford which formed in 2010 and is visited annually by Mestre Marcelo Angola and the other teachers from the UK & Europe including Pão. This group although young is growing and flourishing keeping the ADM vibes alive in the UK. Axé ADM Oxford !

The only current regular class in Devon are running in Plymouth (see classes page for full details). We have many students throughout Devon who continue to practice capoeira and help to keep the capoeira community and our group alive in the South West.

If you want to come and train capoeira with us in Devon, Oxford or beyond please get in contact, or check out our friends page if ADM are not near enough to you to see if there is a class nearer you could attend with one of our friends.