A case of playing with space

A case of playing with space

The Jogo de Dentro – Why you should use the spaces created more often, when you play in a game…

Capoeira é jogo de dentro e jogo de fora (Capoeira is an inside and outside game). We never really block but instead go along with the attacks, fakes or tricks used in the physical game part of the art form.

As you gain more experience from playing in the roda of capoeira your game becomes more comfortable and organic and with time you start to see openings and ways to move in, through, over or away. By entering the spaces created by your opponents movements, you may better place yourself for a following attack or simply get yourself close enough to them so that it is virtually impossible for them to catch you with any kick. By playing closer to the ground and using the negative spaces that open up during a game in the roda, you’ll find not only your movements will improve but also your perception and capability to react when needed in a game.

The more space you give your opponent the more likely you are in danger of receiving a more deadly kick or takedown, where as if you use both the inside and outside space to play you become a harder target to catch out. Remember that the roda will teach you how to improvise and react and ultimately learn to relax and enjoy playing capoeira – the reason we all should play capoeira.

It is also good to remember that just because you want to play jogo de dentro doesn’t mean your opponent is always going to play along – don’t go into a small ground game if you are playing someone who is up and playing a jogo de fora game. It is all about the timing. Play your own game but look to experiment with the different ways you can enter or exit within your own games.