A new day, a new year, a new you

A new day, a new year, a new you

You might have noticed — it’s been pretty quiet round these parts since my injury last September. To everyone valeu and axé, I am back…

It has been a long but valuable time spent resting from my injuries this last 6 months. Returning to full fitness and having the confidence to push and work my body and muscles again after a trauma has taken time but it’s been important to allow for the healing process to complete. No matter how tempting it is to play or sneak in that practice at home when no-one is looking ultimately you are only going to prolong your injury further if you don’t allow for proper recovery.

It will probably now take another 6 months to build the strength, flexibility and muscle memory back into the area of my body that was subjected to an injury. When injured and because I have very good flexibility in my body anyway, I always keep myself mobile and do appropriate stretching when recovering, but I also take a real proper resting period. By doing this as well as eating well, sleeping in a bed that properly supports my back and continuing to look after myself from then on is the best way to stay fit and healthy – apart from of course continuing to play and develop as a capoeirista.

Everything in life that is truly satisfying requires an effort from you in the first place. Something worked for is always more satisfying than something that was handed to you on a plate. Always strive to be your best, treat others how you hope to be treated and respect the knowledge that comes from being able to react humbly, respectfully and effortlessly when confronted by the different personalities, emotions and ego’s of man that can flair up in any player of capoeira.

The trick is having the common sense not to visit foreign rodas to your group, friends or mestre and to learn how to identify another players mood before it’s too late and you are already inside a roda with them. Pick your games wisely when visiting a new roda and try to always travel as two or more unless you know the roda is safe. But do visit rodas, explore further on your journey into the world of capoeira and I hope we meet in a roda one day soon. Axé