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ADM Plymouth @ June Fiesta, Devonport with Viva a vida

Angoleiros do Mar Devon (Players of the Sea Devon) is a small group that preserves the traditional movements, philosophy, rituals and teachings of Capoeira Angola. Our master is Mestre Marcelo Angola, a student of Mestre Curió, who in turn was a student of the grand master Mestre Vincent Ferreira Pastinha (1889-1981) the most famous Angola Mestre known for being the first to preserve, name and develop the traditional style of Capoeira Angola in an academy setting (see Capoeira Angola to learn more about capoeira’s history).

We are a volunteer run group that aims to provide access to the cultural study of Capoeira Angola and promote healthy living through the practice of its game/ritual and movements. Capoeira mixes acrobatics, dance, game play, movement, music, philosophy and rituals together to form an exciting physical Art form. We are affiliated with Mestre Marcelo Angola and his group Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angoleiros do Mar (Cultural Centre of Capoeira Players of the Sea) from Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil.

Ilha da Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil


The Centro Cultural de Capoeira Angoleiros do Mar was founded on 5th March 1999, at Barra Grande, a fishing town situated on Itaparica Island, Bahia, Brazil where Mestre Marcelo Angola lives and resides when not teaching around the world.

The Island of Itaparica is settled within ‘All Saints Bay’, the cradle of the Brazilian civilization, where successive generations of capoeiristas maintain the roots and traditions of Capoeira Angola, whilst influencing its history, philosophy and artistic movements. Itaparica is only a short (30 mins) boat ride away from Salvador, the capital of Bahia where many of the old Angolan Mestres still live or lived. Salvador is the Mecca of Capoeira Angola for an Angoleiro (Player of Capoeira Angola).

The philosophy of Angoleiros do Mar encompasses responsibility for developing work at different levels, looking to elevate and develop the technical and theoretical knowledge of its capoeiristas.

We use Capoeira as a valuable artistic and cultural resource, looking to deepen the development of the capoeirista, and re-establish an understanding of the value of the Master as a producer and transmitter of Brazilian culture and experience.

7eme fest ADM Lille

Angoleiros do Mar in the last 14 years since it’s official creation has grown in to one of the best respected and most vibrant of the Capoeira Angola groups with a strong presence in the UK, Europe and beyond due to the skill and presence of our teachers and mestre.

All of the ADM family not only share their love and knowledge of Capoeira but also all other aspects of Brazilian culture. We all play musical instruments, dance not only capoeira but also Samba and/or Forró, sing and know how to enjoy life and how to party. Come along and join in the fun and friendship of our capoeira family… Muito axé meu familia da Capoeira, pra vida. Valeu