Facebook for Capoeira

Facebook for Capoeira

Well, it’s official. More than half the Capoeira groups in the UK are using facebook to connect with their students…

And we are just the same. We have a public Facebook page: ADMDevon, a private Facebook group for our students and we are friends with other groups and circles of capoeira friends on Facebook. It seems to fit quite nicely with the sometimes sporadic and spontaneous nature of capoeira and its rodas, parties and events but also because of the amount of people across the planet using social media, it is one of the easiest methods to use and quickly see a positive effect on your group or self promotion through likes, shares, etc.

Facebook for Capoeira

There will always be the debate on how much time we spend in the virtual world vs the real one, especially when capoeira is rooted and most definitely best enjoyed in the real world, but the usefulness of social media, the web and other technologies means it is very easy to interact with your students, friends or other capoeira groups online.

Social media also helps to educate people through the various medias uploaded and shared by these capoeira groups. In this ever technological world it is becoming easier and easier to find information at the touch of a button. This is all good and well, but as I already mentioned, it is also worth remembering that capoeira is an oral tradition, passed on from master to student through real life contact and experiences. You can read things in books or on the internet but nothing beats the knowledge you’ll gain from having your own experiences and discussions with other players, teachers or masters.

Getting the best balance of both worlds can be a tricky place to maintain. I really like the below video which I think, sums up how many people use social media today and the threat if we start living a more virtual life…

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

The capoeira community in the UK is steadily growing even though it is still quite a close community. Sharing events and posts between people is one of the main uses of social media, but at the same time when all of your capoeira friends are members of the same groups, sometimes posting events in everyone elses groups can saturate Facebook and ultimately make students, the ones you are trying to advertise and appeal to, turn off their update settings because they know they will get 5 or more invites to the same event. Learning how best to promote your information the most effective way will ensure you reach the right people and keep the growing community from flourishing with the help of Facebook and other social media channels.