Country Ritual (2012) by Polly Jones.

Hit a plateau..?

If you’ve been coming to capoeira for a while and feel your game has stagnated whilst others around you are improving, do not dispair…

Learning capoeira takes time and I’m sorry if it is a realisation for you but, it is not easy. Like any discipline, martial art, performance art, etc. whatever you excel at doesn’t go without practice. Capoeira is a whole body, mind and spirit art form, which anyone can learn and everyone that does has their own reasons why they enjoy or want to learn more about the art form.

Many people enjoy capoeira for only the physical movements and the spectacular displays of balance, control and action seen in capoeira’s many rodas; Others for the music, others for the social benefits, others for the philosophies and others use capoeira as a way of life…

For me, it was the music that first invited me to the art form of capoeira. My good friend Tara, a capoeirista from London and I were at the Notting Hill Carnival and we could hear the distant beats of berimbaus in a street roda. As you approached the direction where the sound was coming from and its intensity slowly increased at each corner, until you finally arrive at the edge of a roda and watch in awe at the game being played to the now pulsing, energetic orchestra of percussion instruments, is an amazing experience to witness when you visit your first roda! I grew up as a musician and my love for music really got me interested in learning more about capoeira (read Trenel Pão for more about Pão).

A lot of capoeiristas will tell you that when you start to learn capoeira you will see long plateau’s in your learning. It can feel like this for a while, especially in a roda. You keep forgetting all of the movements you know and get caught out easily… don’t dispair, this is all part of the lesson – a roda is the place to practice your skills at reaction and to learn how to play with another person, who has other thoughts, ideas and intentions than your’s which may be good or bad natured.

To really develop in capoeira you need to open yourself up to all it has to offer. You need to visit rodas, learn how to play the music, sing the songs, learn to speak portuguese, train your body to use the movements and discuss and research the history, philosophies and teachings by speaking with your master.

The more you learn and develop the more satisfaction you’ll get from capoeira and you will also more quickly notice those plateau’s in your game become past worries as you see your game will improve immensely the more you indulge in the art form.

Keep practicing and come to a class regularly. The well being and energising feeling you will get from our classes will help to keep you fit and healthy and guide you on your own journey of discovery with capoeira.