I want to believe

I want to believe

Any good capoeirista will tell you the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in life, is to believe in yourself…

Learning that you can do anything you put your mind and body to can be achieved, if you only believe in yourself. But why do we as people often loose faith in ourselves? We are constantly bombarded with advertising, critique from our peers, family and friends and sometimes we just don’t feel like things are going our way.

Taking the time to relax and forget all of your worries is hard to do. For me listening to or playing music has always been my preferred method to relax and unwind. We as human beings are amazing and can achieve many things if we put our minds to it.

Have a look at the below video then you should hopefully help you to feel inspired and enthusiastic about yourself again..?

When the commentator talks about service, I believe he means the service to whatever your beliefs are. Trust in yourself, have faith and conviction in what you do and love and laugh deeply in life. You can be whomever you want to become. Learn from the past and live for the future. Axe