Money in my pockets, but I just can't find no love

Money in my pockets, but I just can’t find no love

Sometimes when life throws you a curve ball there is no time to duck or hide – how to take what life throws at you head on…

If life was always easy we’d all be happy most of the time and no one would know what it meant to struggle. My dad used to say to me… “life will treat you as well as you decide to treat it, and for all the other times it is best to wear a helmet.”

There are no ups without downs, no highs without lows and no balance without both the positive and the negative. Some would also say the same can be seen in capoeira. The peaks and troughs of life are often hard to navigate as can be the games in a roda. Sometimes you are feeling good, there is money in your pocket and your game is working and other times you’re in pain, waiting for the next pay check and everyone beats you in every game.

How you determine the good, the bad or your success/failures can depend on many things. For me, money has never been a goal I have purposely wanted to strive for. We all like money and it can buy you many things, make you comfortable in life and make you popular (with others who love money). For me my happiness was always more important to me than how much money I made…and for me money cannot buy my happiness. No matter how much money you have you will always find a way to spend it; some people can make it last, others throw it away, we are all different.

I have always been very much someone who believes in living and experiencing as much as you can in life, so you can discover what your likes and dislikes are, what is important to you. You should question things, learn more and workout what your beliefs are so you form your own opinions. I am fortunate that I was good at school and was deemed an ‘intelligent child.’ I have loving parents who gave me the best opportunities they could in terms of education, hobbies, etc. I could have been a doctor or a scientist or whatever I wanted to be (and still can)… But I chose to follow my biggest two passions, creativity and music. I had much encouragement from my parents as a kid to develop these skills, but when it came to university and I told them I wanted to be an artist or a musician first and foremost, they were quick to dissuade me….”you need to be exceptional to make any money at either of those, you should study something that will pay you well for a job/career.”

So money had become the defining factor and the biggest worry for them. I totally understood, both my parents worked very hard to support and give the best to me and my mother taught me the value of money at an early age. I think it is unfortunate the world we live in is controlled by money, something which at times deeply saddens me. If you could remove money from the equation and could do whatever you were really passionate about what would you do with your life?

What If Money Didn’t Matter (Alan Watts) from Anthony J. Grande on Vimeo.

Life is there to be lived and when you have passion and enthusiasm for something, you’ll eventually become a master of that thing with enough time, experience, knowledge and practice. You’ll meet more people with the same passions and maybe that one special person who you could share your passion and life with. Until then just keep on being you. Keep doing what makes you happy and be passionate and feel fulfilled in you own life, whatever you enjoy doing the most. If you can do what you love for a job then even better. For me one of the things I am most passionate about is playing capoeira and the wisdom, humility, strength & character I continue to build through playing helps me to be able to react effectively when presented with a threat or danger in a game in the roda or in my day-to-day life. Valeu.