The importance of your voice in the roda

The importance of your voice in the roda

Why sitting with uncertainty about the song in a roda leads to empty, fruitless games in the jogo…

We’ve all felt down or empty or drained of energy when training capoeira or in a roda and we all know how difficult it can be to keep the bateria together and the songs going. Sometimes it’s because you get so engrossed in watching the game you forget to sing or you don’t really know the words and can’t quite make it out from listening to everyone else singing.

Don’t let this phase you. If you’ve just exited a game in the roda you are usually out of breath and singing is the last thing on your mind, but this is the best time to start singing because it will help to calm and regulate your breathing rate putting you back into sync with everyone else in the roda.

A roda is only as good as its music…

We all learn how to play the instruments of the bateria at every one of our classes. The musicians playing in the roda are not there to do this alone… As well as helping your own breathing and connection to the roda, the chorus response songs help to build the energy we use with our bodies in the games of the roda – the ritual, ceremony, celebration of capoeira.

By supplying this vocal energy in your rodas you will make for more exciting games, a more vibrant atmosphere and you will enjoy the rodas much more the more you start to understand the language and the meanings of the songs.